Put God First.

About Us


I consider myself an introverted socialite. I’m a passionate visionary with wit, grit and virtue. If you’re looking for me, you can find me somewhere wearing something comfy and cute. - my style is charming yet edgy. To me, comfort if key. My sense of fashion has always been inspired by latin culture, but living and growing up in America, I like to call myself a “Bay Area Brazilian.”  Lol

When it comes to fashion, I live by the advice “just be yourself”. In a world where we are constantly comparing ourselves to other people, my style and our store was founded based on trusting that inner voice. God says “love your neighbor as yourself” and it finally occurred to me that the better I love myself, the easier I’m able to express love in my own life.

My goal with Lima Lemon is to offer unique fashion and jewelry items that encourage you to step out of your comfort zone. There’s no trend more powerful than finding confidence in what you love.

We hand select pieces that we adore and want you to love the way you look and feel wearing them, regardless of what anyone else thinks!



I’ve been fascinated with the fashion industry as long as I can remember. I began working as a seamstress as early as age 15 and quickly found myself as a model for fashion shows for various brands. 

After having my daughter, I placed my own dreams on hold and did everything I could to create us a better life. I have always been confident, fearless, extravagant and free.

My eye for detail, and refusal to work with anything that is not well made or of good fabric, design and quality inspired me to co-launch Lima Lemon. I can simply look at a photograph of a fabric sample and know if the quality is good or not. Luxury is life and when it comes to fashion, you’ll find me in high fashion pieces with no sleeves, a dress and preferably in Hawaii.



We believe you can find a balance between being there for others yet still find a way to treat yourself like a precious jewel. That’s our mission behind Lima Lemon. We are self care in a Brazilian Fashion Brand. So glad you decided to stop by!