Put God First.


Thays Lima

Posted on January 29 2020


As we encounter moments in life that try to tear us down we need to remember that we always have the right to choose our attitude, choose our perspective and choose how to react to everything that life throws at us. Choose to be positive, optimistic and operate from a mindset of abundance. The choice is yours.

1. Attitude and Gratitude

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Photo: By Victor_Tongdee

Your life may be falling apart. When things are tough, it gets even more difficult to think about the positive things in life. But just like any other habit, it takes practice. It takes 3 weeks to build good habits, and an attitude of gratitude is a habit that will change your life. There’re always many small things to be grateful for. Once you shift your attitude to gratitude, your mind changes and your life does too!

2. Self-control and taking control

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Although we are limited to the things we can control in life, there are some things that make all the difference that we do have control over. One of those things is how we interact to situations that try to throw us off our game. In all situations, having self-control is how we take control. Sometimes, saying nothing at all, speaks volume. Not only does it help not escalade the situation in your head, it makes the situation more subtle. Self-control is taking control.

3. Calm and Collective


Stress is a mess. In this digital and fast paced environment that we live in today, comes with a lot of stress and anxiety. Fighting anxiety in a world that is constantly throwing things at us like comparison and the pressure of being perfect, keeps us on edge. Responding to situations in a calm and collected way helps us. Like the great “prophet” Ma$e once said, “Breathe, Stretch, Shake, Let it go.” (circa 2004)

4. Acceptance and Boundaries

Fence, Boundaires

Once we are able to accept our circumstances, we begin to understand how to deal with it. Without acting on impulse, take your time to set boundaries on what needs to be done. Ask yourself these questions: what are your limits? Physical, emotional, mental and spiritual. Give yourself permission to feel. It’s okay to feel what you are feeling but never get stuck there. Consider what you’ll tolerate and accept and be direct about those things.

5. Out and About


Simply going outside and allowing the sun to hit you makes a difference. Sounds cliche and simplistic right? Walking around the park or going for a walk in nature helps clear your mind and soak in the universes vibrations. Taking deep breaths in an atmosphere that is free and peaceful does something to your soul! You may begin to feel more alive, more at peace and ready to confront what’s ahead. Now, it’s not going to solve all your problems, but it most likely will shift your perspective and help you better navigate your situation.

6. Spirituality and Meditation


When we talk about spirituality many things come to mind, especially in this day and age. Meditation can look like many different things, depending on who you ask. When you are looking for a spiritual connection, it’s always good to go to a place where is peaceful with no interruptions. A place where you can look up at the sky or close your eyes and just imagine yourself in the presence of God. That’s a form of meditation, but if you were trying to strengthen your spirituality then Pray. Talk to God like He is your friend and is there listening. Be honest, be blunt and be yourself. No matter how ugly you think it may sound, God appreciates your authenticity. You may just get a response.

7. Kingdom Mentality


If you were to live in a kingdom you would be entitled to a lot of perks, right? You’d have authority over many things and be able to call the shots on everything in your life. When we operate with a kingdom mentality, we speak life into our situation. Words are powerful, and we should treat them as so.  Even if the situation isn’t what you are saying it is, speak life over it, assume that it is. For example, instead of saying “I woke up late, today sucks” instead say, “even though I woke up late, I am blessed and highly favored” walk in authority every day, and see how your life gradually changes.


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